We develop a range of websolutions varying from commercial webshops to smart applications.
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Looking for an original Christmas present for your loved ones? At you can have a picture of your face printed on socks, boxershorts and a lot more to create a fun gift. Faceprints is a fast growing eCommerce company in The Netherlands and is now rapidly expanding to the rest of Europe. was built in Shopify. Users can select a product and upload a picture to create a unique design. This webshop is still being maintained by us.

Boeken.café is an online social platform where book enthousiasts come together. It’s a place where you can find millions of books. The platform is based on WordPress and has many custom functionalities. Users can create their own personal profile and interact with other readers and book authors. All users can add content, for example by writing book reviews or adding external news links to books. Content is presented in a personalized feed based on what users ‘Like’, purchase or add to their Wishlist. As an author, you can even create an Author profile and publish and sell your own book through the platform.

Provincie Utrecht is the provincial government of the Province of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

As part of the project ‘Utrechtse schoolpleinen’, we helped Provincie Utrecht develop an online servicepoint. The project’s objective is to stimulate the transition towards climate proof and eco-friendly schoolyards in Utrecht. On the new website, visitors can find examples of previous projects done by other schools and information about how to fund renovation projects for their schools. The website also includes detailed guidelines that explain how to plan and execute a schoolyard renovation step by step.

Indesign Decorations specializes in wall and ceiling decorations for interiors and exteriors. The company provides a large variety of exclusive products on their online shops. Their presence consists of multiple webshops, each focussing on specific product groups, for example and

We helped Indesign Decorations rebuild all their existing OpenCart webshops in WooCommerce. The customer selected us to do the job, because it included many custom functionalities that had to be developed from scratch, such as the special pricing logic and the custom product calculator.

Promodomo is a real estate valuation platform with more than 8 million objects. Almost every house in The Netherlands can be found here including object data, such as price, size, energy label as well as information about the neighbourhood. Parts of the data is only accessible for registered users. It is a great place to start when you’re planning to buy or sell a house.

The goal of this project was to extend the platform with new features to make the user experience even better and increase user engagement.  We have also added a new mortgage calculator and implemented a new page design. 

Wow Oriental is offers a wide range of Asian food products to European consumers. Their mission is to provide their customers access to exotic products that are hard to find in a normal supermarket, enabling them to bring their favorite oriental dishes to life in their home kitchen.

We helped Wow Oriental build a new responsive, webshop  available in three languages: English, Dutch and Thai. The store now holds more than 300 products, which can all be purchased and delivered to customers within a few clicks. The integration of the payment gateway and parcel service makes the checkout and shipping processes run super smooth.

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