Taxi booking application for Special Heroes Nederland

The company

Qarin is a B2B mobility provider in The Netherlands and their mission is to offer the best possible mobility solutions to travelers. Everyone should have the ability to use public services and not be dependent on any restriction. Users of Qarin services receive the best possible service and their platform allows travelers to obtain information, book trips, make payments and travel. All this in one place. 

The project

The objective was to create a online portal for travelers with reduced mobility to plan, book and manage taxi rides. The project was commissioned by Special Heroes, a foundation committed to people with a disability by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and by creating the largest and broadest possible offer in sports, culture, work and health.

Each user is allocated a budget expressed in kilometers. When logged on to the portal, users can view their remaining budget, book new rides and edit existing bookings. After each ride the amount of kilometers is deducted from the user’s budget.

Next to the end-user environment, we also delivered an admin panel.